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For about ten years, the kettlebell swing has been known as a potent strength and conditioning tool among trainers and athletes.  The swing was around for a long time before that, being used by strongmen as far back as the nineteenth century.  It is a dynamic move, involving the hips as a prime mover, with many other muscles contributing as stabilizers.  The low back, upper back, and midsection all have a role to play in a proper swing.  The swing is rhythmic and speed oriented, allowing you to train power, in a fashion that minimizes joint stress.  Check out the video here.

KettleBell Swings

Overlooked, at times, are the therapeutic applications of the swing.  Because of the endurance component in the swing, lumbar stabilizers like  the multifidus, and the quadratus lumborum are activated.  This is stimulation that many of us desperately need, but can not get from other forms of resistance training.  In talking with Dr. Wendy, I’ve learned how absence of back pain is correlated with these stabilizers endurance to a greater degree than absolute strength.  This is substantiated by her clinical experience, and my clients as well.  We’ve seen people who sit all day, have no hip/core strength, and are in constant pain, make a miraculous gains with the swing.  Pain can be decreased, mobility can be enhanced, and your heart and lungs will get they’re work in at the same time!

So we have started the swing class, which is a half-hour class focused on all kinds of swinging, on Monday and Friday evenings at 5:20 PM.  Contact the office to set up a free introductory class , so you can learn the swing and other fun kettlebell moves.  Get started today!

Jake is back!

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Ryan “Jake” Jacobs is training again at Abundant Fitness!

Starting September 21st, Kettlebell class will be held at 12pm and 6pm, on Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Personal training is available by appointment.

Call 360-705-4412 to schedule a free introductory session!

Workout 14

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Warm-up-Band walk x2

Glute bridge 3×8 ( try 1 footed if too easy)

Workout-  Two hand swing x 30 seconds

Fast walk or jog x 1 minute

Ball slam x 30 seconds

Fast walk or jog x 1 minute

Try to keep this up for 5 rounds (fifteen minutes)

Take extra rest between rounds only if needed

Finisher- Waiters walk x out and back

Rack walk(double) x out and back

Heartbeat walk x out and back

farmers walk x out and back

Hope everyone is having a fun summer! Jake

Workout 13


Warm-up- Get ups x 5 min

Light weight, go slow

Workout- Circuit

2-hand swing x 15

2-arm row x8

Split squat x 4/4 ( 4 reps per leg)

2-hand swing x 15

Triceps press x8

Do four rounds with a minute rest in between.  Use a heavy weight for the swing!  Use 2 light KBs for the split squat.

Finisher- Jump rope/ pull-up combo

While everyone is jumping, 1 person does five assisted pull-ups, then the next person goes etc.  people who are not doing pull-ups just keep jumping.  Do three rounds of pull-ups.  If you are alone, just do 1 minute of jumping in between sets of pull-ups

workout 12

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Warm-up- Band walk x up and back

Hip Bridges (on 1 or 2 legs) 3×8

Workout-  30/30 interval

1 arm push press

2 hand swing

moving plank (push-up position down to elbows)

2 hand swing

1 arm push press

jump rope

do three round. rest about a minute in between rounds. 30/30 stands for 30 seconds on/off

Finisher- Farmers walk- pick a heavy weight and go until you have to put it down.  Then take five minutes, and as many trips as needed, to get it back to the gym.  If it takes longer than five minutes, that’s ok, but shoot for five minutes.