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Workout 3

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Warm-up- Band walk x1 Band pull-up x1 set (think “chest to the bar”) Workout-    1 arm press- 3 sets of five Go heavy and rest 2 min in between sets Goblet Squat- 3 sets of 8 rest 1 min between sets Finisher-  ”swings by ten” Take a heavy two-hand swing bell and do as [...]

Workout # 2


Warm-up-  Turkish Get-up x 5min Alternate sides and go slow with manageable weight Workout-  30 seconds on/30 second off Goblet squat Double row jump rope(jumping jack) push-up walking lunge Do four rounds with minimal rest between rounds Finisher-  2 hand swing- heavy/medium/light Pick three weights and do ten swings with each starting with the heavy, [...]

First Post!


Warm-up-  Band walksx2 Glute Bridges  3 sets of 10 Workout-  See-saw press 2-hand swing standing crunch 1-arm row 2-hand swing Do 20 seconds of each exercise with no rest in between.  Rest about a minute between circuits.  Do four or five circuits. Finisher-  Suitcase walk- Down and Back- 1 time ! Hope everyone is well [...]